LS.33: Berlin @ Säule


Machine Woman (live)
Beckett b2 Konx-Om-Pax
Golden Medusa

The German UK bass producer Djrum has been building up his top-notch discography over the last years, releasing on labels such as 2nd drop, Illian Tape and R&S (Check out his outstanding, emotive release "Broken Glass Arch" from 2017). His signature sound beautifully blends dupstep, garage, techno, breaks and dub. Always powerful, percussive and grooving, Djrum will grace us with his incredible mixing skills for a peak time DJ set. 

The live act of the night is Russian, Berlin-based breakthrough act Machine Woman who has made a name for herself by consistently delivering experimental yet driving live performances with a mesmerizing, looping mix of House, Techno and Industrial influences. She's also known for her humorous track titles and a refreshing attitude towards dance music. Her most recent release on Technicolor includes her most successful track yet "Camille from OHM Makes Me Feel Loved". 

Also behind the decks: Leisure-resident N. Beckett who is teaming up with frequent LS-collaborator Konx-Om-Pax for a banging, ravey b2b set as well as newcomer Golden Medusa who is warming up the party.

Sam Barker