006 - Barker in Taipei

Berlin’s underground powerhouse and Berghain staple return with their own brand of irregular dance music. This time featuring a banging set from Taipei by LS co-founder Barker.

“Organik Festival happens in spring on the east coast of Taiwan, bringing 800 people from all over the world to an idyllic secluded beach surrounded by jungle and mountains for a two day musical trip. The festival grew out of the Smoke Machine podcast and party series, run by two switched-on Taipei locals Josh and DJ Diskonnected, which showcases the best of underground electronic music with a strong connection to Berlin. I was invited to play there in 2015, and was blown away by how close it comes to the perfect festival experience. Thoughtful music program, awe-inspiring location, and a small but intimate (mainly Asian) crowd that feel like family by the end. It was so good I went back this year as a guest, and ended up playing the afterparty at their home venue Korner, where this recording was made.

The scene in Taipei is growing fast and inspiring a new generation, but it also acts as a lynchpin for Asian tours, as it’s only a short flight away from other developing scenes in Hong Kong, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Beijing and Shanghai. The impact is felt beyond the shores of Taiwan, and it’s exciting to see this hunger to dance reach new cultures.” – Barker


  1. Ansome – Mackerel Fingers - Mindcut
  2. Ingen – Subway - Tribal Waves
  3. Deapmash – Halcyon - Forthcoming Leisure System
  4. Mikron – Black Sands - Central Processing Unit
  5. Unjin – Fog Machine (Miller & Keane Remix) - E.C.I Korea
  6. Will Ward – Rugged - Detour
  7. Tiga – Planet E (Dense & Pika Remix) - Counter
  8. Patrick Bolton – Revived - ONNSET
  9. Barker & Baumecker – Cipher - Forthcoming Ostgut Ton
  10. Secluded – Blocked (Subjected External Mix) - Sleaze
  11. Plastikman – Mind In Rewind - M_nus
  12. Randomer – Dem Thing - L.I.E.S.
  13. Peter Van Hoesen – Situation Two - Time To Express
  14. Donor – Us For Them (Sleeparchive Remix) - Prosthetic Pressings
  15. JoeFarr – Exposition - ONNSET
  16. Lory D – Game Of Three Synth - Numbers
  17. SCNTST – Acüd - Boysnoize
Barker, RadioSam Barker