Barker Transmission

Berlin’s number one crew for irregular electronics rings in the new year with a recent live set by label cofounder Barker.

“I hadn’t played a solo live set in 7 years, since I’ve been working a lot with Andi [Baumecker], but also getting lost in modular systems. With a specific piece of hardware you get quicker to the point, and can replicate what you’re doing easier with presets and so on. With a modular, you end up making patches one after the other, always experimenting and changing things around, having a lot of fun, but with mixed results that are hard to organise and reproduce in a club. So I stopped thinking about how to take things out of the studio, until last summer when I had some inspiration which led to a set of rules, resulting in a few dozen tracks made with the same modular patch. I’d made a fun system to play on, so it made sense to take it out for a spin. I should have a few releases coming later this year of things in this vein. The recording here was made the day before the last Leisure System party on 24th November 2017.” - Barker

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