Influencers 001: Rob Hall

Starting off the brand new Influencers series, Leisure System presents guest mixes from artists who have been deep inspirations. For the first Influencers mix, it’s one of Leisure System’s all-time favorite DJs: Rob Hall. Based out of Manchester and connected to the legendary Skam label, Hall is part of the mysterious Gescom, a collective of DJs and producers tangentially related to Autechre, who explore acid techno and breaks-centric electronics through conceptual mixes and EPs. Gescom members are framed as “conspirators” who state that “PLEASURE IS OUR BUSINESS,” via teased-out release artwork and liner notes. As a DJ, Hall’s selections of off-kilter electro, techno and electronic slammers always offer a textbook guide of how to blow minds on a late-night dancefloor.

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