Dream Sequence by N. Beckett

Leisure System co-founder and resident DJ N. Beckett is releasing his debut album "Dream Sequence" on May 3rd.

It is a 34 minute continuous sequence of original tracks that is accompanied by a self made video. The tracks were made over the last two years while the production process was ad-hoc, embracing rare moments of solitude and quiet to create. That sense of serenity is palpable, resulting in what feels like an oasis of musical calm for frazzled and fidgety minds. The visual portion compiles personal recordings filmed throughout the album’s creation – removed from their original context. They combine to represent something intriguing, a half-remembered diary of memories that shaped not just the album’s making, but the person making it.

"Dream Sequence" will be available on Leisure System's bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want digital release, with all proceeds going to the Women's Aid UK charity.

Check the teaser video below:

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