LS.17: Berlin @ Berghain


Disclosure are two brothers from rural England. Still teenagers, they’re not only are they the youngest act to play at Leisure System, but also probably the only to have appeared in the UK top 20… twice already. Young they may be, however they clearly lack no expertise in production, and while their melodic garage/house style has pop sensibilities, its done with such flair and energy that they’ve garnered support from underground DJ’s and mainstream media alike. So whats all the excitement about? Check out the buoyantly soulful ‘Latch feat. Sam Smith’, or the pumping, ultra-sexy ‘Whats In Your Head’ and you will likely agree, the hype is well justified.

Rewind a dozen years and two American teenagers were making similar waves with a cutting edge take on electronica – namely Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum, aka Travis Stewart. Jimmy’s first release came on Merck records, the story goes that Travis introduced the label to Jimmy’s music and insisted they put it out. They remained close friends ever since, and while their individual careers and styles blossomed, they would sporadically get together to work on music. This they did under the project name JETS (an acronym of their two names), with no intention or goal but to have fun and hang out doing something they both love. As you would expect, their musical output glows with the pleasure of its creation, a playful yet sophisticated merging or styles and influences that could only come from two of electronic music’s most diverse and versatile sons-of-bitches. We’re double ecstatic – to be releasing their first music to the public, and presenting their first show together as JETS!

Vladislav Delay (aka Sasu Ripatti / Luomo) has earned pioneer status through a career spanning over a decade, 11 albums and countless EP’s. His newest offering, Kuopio (set for release on November 26th through Raster Noton) is a fascinating amalgamation of sound. Driving you along are hypnotic rhythms that somehow always seem on the edge of collapse, minimalist sound design underpinned by rich yet understated harmonic textures, each idea engineered with scientific precision, whilst remaining powerfully emotive. If machines evolved hearts, they would probably beat like this. To mark the release he will be performing an exclusive live set for us, and it promises to be a highlight of the already blinding lineup.

DJ life support comes in the form of resident selector N>E>D and Discipline, and if it all gets a bit tooo exciting, the Perlon label will be operating Panoramabar at a more moderate pace till Saturday afternoon!

Sam Barker