LS.LND.01 @ The Warehouse


Jimmy Edgar

The Loft hosted by FullFat

Jimmy Edgar LIVE

Endowed with a supernatural feel for futuristic funk, the Detroit native has been bleeping and grinding since he was a teenager. While his peers were worrying about their grades and popularity, Edgar was spinning alongside his hometown’s DJ heroes and programming intricate beats that were unquestionably interplanetary communication disguised as dance music.

In 2001 at the tender of 18, his hyper-sexed microchip stylings caught the ear of Warp, where he cranked out his brand of amped-up laptop funk for the next eight years, culminating in the full-length classic ’Color Strip’. XXX (released July 2010 on !K7) with its New Jack Swing winked as much at Minneapolis, Compton and Paris as it does Detroit or Berlin.

On March 17 Jimmy Edgar released his first new material in nearly two years, and his debut for Hotflush, MAJENTA, with the single “This One’s For The Children”. Jimmy’s white hot new live show featuring synced LED strips is now booking.

Machinedrum LIVE

Machinedrum has produced and composed several albums under various aliases since his first independent release in 1999. Covering an astonishing variety of styles with ease, he bridges the gap between genres that would not have met otherwise. 

A true electronic music Renaissance man, Machinedrum blends together current pop music standards and trends with his own extensive knowledge of experimental production techniques, delivering his quality signature on every thing he touches.

His debut Now You Know, was released in 2001 on Merck Records and gained worldwide praise from musicians, fans and critics, being heralded as the “standard to which the next wave of imitators aspires” by


With his critically acclaimed series of self-titled white label vinyl presses and remixes for Radiohead and SBTRKT amongst others, Objekt has created quite a storm across the electronic dance music spectrum. Having released on Hessle Audio and regularly blowing minds with his incredible DJ sets, the hype looks set to continue unabated!

Sam Barker