009 - Alt-Future

Leisure System co-founder N>E>D greets 2017 with a mix of alternative electronic futures, featuring new music by Eprom, DJ Earl, Academy grad Hiele plus much more inbetween.

“The motivation behind this mix comes from gaining some perspective over the winter period and remembering that we create our own realties, especially musically and politically. Here at LS we believe in an alternative electronic future for music that is not dictated by rigid ideas of what music is, the mass audience and average weekend parties. So here’s a selection of fresh and new music.” – N>E>D


  1. Eprom – SamuraiSelf-Released
  2. DJ Python – TranquilaProibito
  3. Hiele – GesturesEkster
  4. Jlin – GuantanamoPlanet Mu
  5. Parris – BloomAncient Monarchy
  6. Micachu – More Red feat. Brother MayDDS
  7. Draveng – Internal DebateHalcyon Veil
  8. Golden Teacher – ShatterGolden Teacher
  9. Aphex Twin – 5 How To Science 2 Ab6Self-Released
  10. Amnesia Scanner – AS CrustYoung Turks
  11. Objekt – GanzfeldLeisure System
  12. Rian Treanor – Pattern A2The Death Of Rave
  13. DJ Earl – RacheTt feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point NeverTeklife
  14. d’Eon – Datamatics: Global Services IIKnives
  15. Hiele – PrincessEkster
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