Dopplereffekt - Sendung #1

Celebrating the first Dopplereffekt album in a decade, Leisure System’s N>E>D and Barker revisit the groundbreaking electronic duo.

The work of Gerald Donald represents a unique aesthetic realm within electronic music, recognizable across a broad spectrum of styles. Since his beginnings in Detroit, through a career spanning over two decades, there has never been a predictable turn. Whether as Dopplereffekt with To-Nahn, or as Drexciya with the late James Stinson, he’s explored science, mathematics, philosophy, mysticism, humour, sex, desire, outer space and the deep sea… to name only a few of the adventures to be found in his work.

The next excursion comes from Dopplereffekt: their first album in 10 years, entitled Cellular Automata, is going to be released via Leisure System on April 7th 2017. More information can be found here:

The following transmission gathers 25 examples from 14 different identities of Gerald Donald, providing a condensed insight into one of electronic music’s true innovators.