Visionist - Snakes EP

1. Snakes
2. Snakebite
3. Poison

Visionist's productions have been omnipresent in the London underground since debuting in 2011 despite a sparse release schedule. With records on Big Dada, Signal Life, 92 Points, and a recent feature on Kode9's Rinse CD, Visionist stitches together heady influences while maintaining an obvious devotion to grime. This 3-tracker on Leisure System is some of his strongest work to date, with starry breaks, jittery gunplay, and belching smokestacks accompanying Visionist's journey from the tunnels of South London to the belly of Berghain.
“Halcyon” has already been causing havoc in sets by the likes of Truss, Paula Temple, Randomer, Tessela, Boys Noize and JoeFarr, to name a few, and it’s no surprise that it found a wide audience with such smashing sound design and percolating energy, with a couple of significant mood switchbacks. “Solar 909,” a collaboration with Benjamin Damage, himself a reliable source of banging, broken and sneakily melodic beats, highlights a swirling siren-like melody, before “Halcyon (VIP)” unleashes a final flurry of breakbeats, preferring blunt force over the surgical finesse of the original.