Tim Exile - Harmuni EP

1. Harmuni
2. 31022013
3. Quander

It's been four years since Tim Exile's last release, but the analog warrior never stopped his ferociously futuristic experimentation, whether collaborating with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, improvising presentations at TED Global 2013, or performing as Mostly Robot with Jamie Lidell. Tim has become more relaxed about music these days following releases on Warp and Planet Mu, diving deep into refined techno without sacrificing fun. Exile's new EP on Leisure System gathers stunning improvised instrumental club bangers from the churning assembly line of his mind, three prickly synth adventures with all the glorious bombast expected from dueling intergalactic battleships. The Harmuni EP represents a new chapter for Tim Exile as he returns to his club roots. Nobody is safe. Grab your subwoofer and pray.
“Halcyon” has already been causing havoc in sets by the likes of Truss, Paula Temple, Randomer, Tessela, Boys Noize and JoeFarr, to name a few, and it’s no surprise that it found a wide audience with such smashing sound design and percolating energy, with a couple of significant mood switchbacks. “Solar 909,” a collaboration with Benjamin Damage, himself a reliable source of banging, broken and sneakily melodic beats, highlights a swirling siren-like melody, before “Halcyon (VIP)” unleashes a final flurry of breakbeats, preferring blunt force over the surgical finesse of the original.

Deapmash began producing music only three years ago at the age of 19 - “my musical background is pretty shit,” he says with refreshing honesty. His prior releases on Clubwerks, Soul Notes and Boys Noize Records have drawn inspiration from DJs and producers like Randomer, Clouds and Blawan, and he has collaborations in the can with JoeFarr, Aquarian, Madame, Dean Grenier and Benjamin Damage in addition to these solo productions. His mission with the Deapmash project? Simply “to provide bangers to ravers and DJs.” Safe to say that’s mission accomplished.